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About our work 

What is Raleigh Singapore

Raleigh Singapore is a registered society of volunteers dedicated to paying it forward through adventure. Raleigh Singapore brings together volunteers who are alumni of Raleigh International expeditions and Raleigh Singapore projects. 

What we do

With our roots and belief in the development of youths through adventure-based service learning activities and community projects, we strive to connect members across different expeditions and projects and welcome those who are keen to try their hand at adventure to contribute to local and overseas communities in different ways. 


The impact we make

Whilst on expedition, you have worked with fellow volunteers from all walks of life, on challenging and life-changing projects. So why not stay engaged and get involved now you have returned? 

Latest Project

​Operation Amar Sain (OAS) 2022

OAS 2022, with a focus on cultural heritage preservation and sustainable development, is the third joint effort between Raleigh Singapore (RS) and Raleigh Mongolia (RM) in the Burenselenge bag (village) of Selenge soum in Bulgan province. Prior to OAS 2022, Raleigh Singapore and Raleigh Mongolia had successfully executed OAS 2018 and OAS 2019, supporting villagers to build resilience under changing social-economic situations with eco-friendly composting toilets and local clinic repair, as well as English teaching to schoolchildren and health screening for villagers. 


Let's Take A Walk is a non-profit, 20 km, 50 km, 100 km and 150 km round island endurance walking event organised by a group of like-minded volunteers from Raleigh Singapore who share the conviction of Paying It Forward. Proceeds collected from registration and cash donations will be donated to beneficiaries and will also be used to support community projects initiated by Raleigh Singapore.

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