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Operation Tashi Deleg 2001

Operation Tashi Deleg, led by Wong Yuen Lik, was a 39-day expedition combining community work with youth development based in the rural village of Song Duo (230km east of Lhasa, Tibet). The 110-strong group was divided into two, with each team spending three weeks at high altitude in Tibet from May to June 2001.

During the expedition, volunteers worked with the locals to upgrade existing accommodation blocks and construct a new school building for the nomadic children in the vicinity of the village. Operation Tashi Deleg, supported by Raleigh International (Singapore), is a joint effort with the All-China Youth Federation (ACYF) and Tibet Youth Federation (TYF).

The expedition was conceived after the expedition leader Wong Yuen Lik and volunteer Kee Mui Hong went on a reconnaissance trip with the ACYF where they visited five possible sites. They decided upon Songduo and began the half-year preparation leading up to the project.

The project was supported by the National Youth Council, DBS Bank and Shaw Foundation.

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