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Project Reli(e)ve

Project Reli(e)ve

It touched our lives as much as it touched theirs'. For ten full days, the small village of Indra Nagar, in the Nilgiri Hills of South India, was bustling with energy. Though a small and cosy team, the seven seasoned Raleigh volunteers, reinforced by four other European CTRD volunteers and skilled villagers, were focused with the tasks at hand and aimed to complete as many toilets as they could during their stay in this village.

Almost centrally located, the community hall was an ideal location as the HQ, where the volunteers ate and slept. Due to the close proximity with the villagers' homes, social and cultural interactions with the villagers at the community hall and at their homes were daily affairs. With the community spirit riding high, ten toilets were fully completed by the end of our stay and the foundations of the other 15 fully established.

In keeping with their tradition, a small celebration was organised by the villagers just before the team's departure. Tokens of appreciation were exchanged but gestures of friendships and camaraderie left a much deeper imprint on everyone.

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