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Operation Amar Sain (OAS)

24 July – 10 August 2020


Where: Mongolia, Bulgan province, Selenge soum/Burenselenge bag

Who: About 25 venturers from Singapore and 20 venturers from Mongolia

Cost: Participants' Contribution – SGD$960 (exclude flights) Expected flight cost S$1000 – S$1500


Project Background

Last year, OAS 2019 is the second joint effort by Raleigh Singapore (RS) and Raleigh Mongolia (RM) in Burenselenge bag (village) of Selenge soum in Bulgan province.  The project was completed successfully, achieving our goals of supporting the villagers to improve their resilience under changing social-economic situation by introducing eco-friendly decomposing toilets and repairing the local clinic building, which was highly appreciated by the villagers. RS and RM will continue their joint effort in OAS 2020 by supporting a local initiative to introduce alternative yet sustainable source of gas and follow up on the eco-friendly decomposing toilets project from last year. Upon request of RM, we will also continue the buckthorn plantation.


What you will get to do this year

  • Bio-Gas (Soil & water, Pollution) – To build a model bio-gas system to introduce and educate the concept of eco-friendly and reduce soil & water pollution.

  • WASH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene) – To follow up and to build more model toilet in other village and educate the concept of decomposing toilet waste system to local residents.

  • Community development and livelihood – Clinic repair, health screening and most importantly, to interact with them and share the Raleigh spirit of adventure through personal development.

  • With the objectives to raise local community awareness on climate change and maintain their sustainable and environmentally friendly way of living, OAS2020 allows you to develop your leadership and teamwork skills as well as to take you out of your comfort zone to uncover your potential.