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Key Dates to Note: (TBC) 

  • June 5   

  • August 5 

  • August 6

  • August 21 

Registration open

Set off to Mongolia

Land in Mongolia

Return to Singapore

Operation Amar Sain (OAS)
5 August – 21 August 2022


Where: Mongolia, Bulgan province, Selenge soum / Burenselenge bag

Who: About 10 venturers from Singapore and 20 venturers from Mongolia


Estimated Cost per pax: S$2,500-S$2,800

(Project Costs at S$960 for local accommodation, transport and food, Expected Airfare S$1,500-S$1,800)

Project Background

Following the success of OAS 2018 and OAS 2019, Raleigh Singapore (RS) and Raleigh Mongolia (RM) is partnering for OAS 2022, as the third joint effort to support villagers in building their resilience in the face of changing socio-economic circumstances in the Burenselenge bag (village) of Selenge soum in Bulgan province. 


With a focus on raising awareness on the cultural and sacred landscape of the Amarbayasgalant Monastery, OAS 2022 is part of the World Heritage Volunteers (WHV) initiative launched in 2008 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). The WHV initiative encourages young people to undertake concrete actions and to play an active role in the protection, preservation, and promotion of World Heritage sites.


OAS 2022 will also include other focus areas of health screening, forest management and waste management, following up on the efforts of OAS 2018 and OAS 2019.

What you will get to do this year

  • Raise awareness on the cultural landscape of the Amarbayasgalant Monastery to improve the knowledge of local communities and visiting tourists on cultural and sacred site interaction and preservation.

  • Provide youths with knowledge and skills on cultural landscape protection and management through experiential learning opportunities.

  • Improve the surrounding state of the site (e.g. waste management, improvement of toilet facilities).

  • Interact with the villagers and participate in community development activities like forest management, health screening and English teaching alongside local volunteers. Most importantly, you get a chance to interact with the locals and share the Raleigh spirit of adventure through personal development.

  • Develop your leadership and teamwork skills beyond your comfort zone to uncover your potential, with OAS expeditions aimed at raising awareness on sustainable development. 

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