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Raleigh International is a sustainable development organisation with 30 years of expertise in working through, for and with young people to create lasting change.

With our project partners, local communities, funders, and over 55,000 previous local and international volunteers, we form a global community who are passionate about working together to build a sustainable future.


Raleigh Singapore is a registered society of volunteers dedicated to paying it forward through adventure. Raleigh Singapore brings together volunteers who are alumni of Raleigh International expeditions and Raleigh Singapore projects including regional projects in Myanmar, Indonesia and local projects like Let's Take A Walk.


With our roots and belief in the development of youths through adventure-based service learning activities and community projects, we strive to connect members across different expeditions and projects and welcome those who are keen to try their hand at adventure to contribute to local and overseas communities in different ways. 


Raleigh Singapore mission statement
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