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About our work 

What is Raleigh Singapore

Raleigh Singapore is a registered society of volunteers dedicated to paying it forward through adventure. Raleigh Singapore brings together volunteers who are alumni of Raleigh International expeditions and Raleigh Singapore projects. 

What we do

With our roots and belief in the development of youths through adventure-based service learning activities and community projects, we strive to connect members across different expeditions and projects. We welcome YOU who are keen to try your hand at adventure to contribute to local and overseas communities in different ways. 


The impact we make

Whilst on expedition, you have worked with fellow volunteers from all walks of life, on challenging and life-changing projects. So why not stay engaged and get involved now you have returned? 

Latest Projects


Let's Take A Walk is a non-profit endurance walking event that is 100% volunteer-led and organised by Raleigh Singapore. 


Let's Take A Walk brings like-minded people together to strengthen our community, inspired by the Raleigh conviction of Paying It Forward through Adventure. Proceeds (less operating costs) and cash donations go to beneficiaries of the event. For 2023, the beneficiary is Ray of Hope.


Project Kayak & KIAP 2022

A joint pilot initiative with Asian Detours, Project Kayak&KIAP was birthed in early 2022 to reduce environmental pollution in and around Pulau Bin, and raise awareness on marine issues among the public. With our roots in adventure, the project builds on the novelty of having volunteers paddle in sea kayaks during the clean-ups, a uniquely different approach unlike other coventional coastal clean-ups. 

Led by Gillian Chua and Koh Pei Ying, the pilot programme took off in March 2022. At each session, volunteers (consisting of Raleigh members, friends and family) paddled around the mangroves of Ubin to clean up the waters and beaches, led by Asian Detours instructors.

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