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Project Kayak & KIAP

Project Background

A joint pilot initiative with Asian Detours, Project Kayak&KIAP was birthed in early 2022 to reduce environmental pollution in and around Pulau Ubin, and raise awareness on marine issues amongst the public. With our roots in adventure, the project carries a taste of novelty where volunteers paddle in sea kayaks during the clean-ups, a uniquely different approach unlike other conventional coastal clean-ups.


Led by Gillian Chua and Koh Pei Ying, the pilot programme took off in March 2022. At each session, volunteers (consisting of Raleigh members, friends and family) paddled around the mangroves of Ubin to clean up the waters and beaches while led by Asian Detours instructors.


With the kayaks sponsored by Asian Detours, volunteers have collected trash such as simple plastics, blue barrels, styrofoam boxes and fishing nets. More than 300kg of trash can be collected in just 4 sessions of kayaking in and around Pulau Ubin.


Volunteers get to learn about the tenets of a marine clean-up while being confronted with the reality of how generations of floating trash and irresponsible dumping affects the marine ecosystem in the long run.


Through the project, we aim to instil in every individual a sense of stewardship towards nature conservation and to encourage volunteers to consider how they can pay it forward through adventure in their own ways.

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