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#RaleighPassItOn featuring Sng Jiahui

Check out how Sng Jiahui, a participant of Let’s Take A Walk 2017, decided to help organise subsequent editions of this Raleigh Singapore charity walk event. A consultant by day, Jiahui is also a youth mentor who helps to look out for youths seeking career development. An avid walker himself, he enjoys regular long distance walks all over Singapore!

Q. How did you learn about Raleigh Singapore and Let’s Take A Walk (LTAW)?

I first heard about Raleigh when my friends and I participated in Let's Take a Walk 2017 in the 100km category. My friends and I wanted to take part in a sport activity together and by coincidence, one of us came across a marketing post on Facebook on LTAW. We felt 100km would be manageable and decided to sign up for the longest distance category – Go big or go home!

Q. What inspired you to start volunteering with Raleigh Singapore after being a LTAW participant?

During the 2017 LTAW, I was just a participant but I could feel the keen enthusiasm from the volunteers during my walk, sensing their efforts to engage with the walkers. This was a key reason why I started to volunteer with Raleigh Singapore.

I was also looking for a volunteering opportunity and this was it! Being able to combine my interest for going on walks, sharing it with more people from the public, all while doing it for a good cause -- the perfect way for me to give back to society. From there, I reached out to Raleigh Singapore and enquired on how I could help plan LTAW and I have been with the team in the subsequent 2019 and 2022 editions of LTAW.

It is very encouraging to see how strong the community spirit is, when Raleighians come together to plan and execute a large-scale event for a good cause. For an event as big as LTAW, you might think the planning committee is backed by a huge organisation. But guess what, it is fully organised and run by volunteers who juggle volunteering commitments with regular day jobs! The togetherness and good hearts of Raleighians combined really does create an impact many would not imagine is possible, until they see if for themselves.

Q. Any memorable moments and precious lessons from your Raleigh experiences?

Having been on the planning committee for two editions of LTAW, I have witnessed the can-do spirit of Raleighians. Although everyone is just a volunteer, I have seen all of us going the extra mile to get things done.

Through the multiple challenges faced by the committee, Raleighians have come together and sought relevant support to resolve the problems. This can-do spirit is not only exemplified in the projects that Raleigh Singapore has organised, but also in the many Raleighians I have come to know and befriend. It has been an inspiring journey with Raleigh Singapore thus far!



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